Hip-Hop and Break Dancers: Officers from the hip hop/break dance class will teach you a short dance combination. You will have time to become familiar with it before breaking into smaller groups and performing in front of the judges. Hip hop dancers dancers can be asked to free style. Break dancers are going to be asked to perform their tricks and skills as well as a short break dance combination taught by break dance officers.
Helpful Tips: •Do not forget to bring your latest grading report card & audition application with you to the tryouts! •Wear comfortable clothing, something you can move in. We recommend a sports top and jazz or athletic pants. •Warm-up and stretch! Make sure your muscles are warmed up before the tryout begins. •Take classes at a local dance studio to polish your technique in the style of dance you are trying out for. •Don't get discouraged if you do not make it the first time. Keep taking classes at local dance studios and come prepared to tryout again! Good luck!
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